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Essay Chattanooga Ice Cream Company Case Analysis

The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division Case Analysis Name: TEAMB Institution: Strayer University Course: Leadership in the 21st Century Professor: Dr. Mario Barrett Date: End of Week 8 Introduction Teamwork has become so influential and determinant of outcomes on goals in many organizations. Thus, the concept of teamwork has been given a lot of attention in the management process. Instead of the old management models, contemporary management lays emphasis on leadership and effective teamwork approach. Therefore, the potential of creating and managing teams in an organization is highly valued. Managers or top company executives are highly encouraged to prioritize the concept of teamwork at their managerial levels. The importance†¦show more content†¦From the case, it is palpable that dubiousness on the existence of the team is rampant. Members of the board act differently, without a unilateral approach hence showing how diverse the group is working. Therefore, the first thing under suggestion is the formation of a team that works together, and continually updates team members through constant communication. Low levels of leadership are brought about by lac k of or deficiencies in personality (John, 2008, p.5). Secondly, team members need to stop the competition-approach in solving problems and consider a collective one (Davidson, 2001). During the meeting, group members namely Billy, Fale and Krane are in constant confrontations on appropriate suggestions of solution the provision to the problem. Despite interruption of the president, the team members still do not show appreciation or critically consider the contributions by members, but a dismissive approach is assumed in the case. Each team member feels that different members’ contributions are invalid and highly costly in the process of solution the provision and end in assuming a central approach. Each member thinks that the personal contribution is the final solution to the problem even without critical consideration of the same. Thirdly, the team needs to create regular and open-ended discussions to address areas prone to crises and deliberate on solution creations before crises occur (Smith amp; Katzenbach, 2005).Show MoreRelatedThe Management Team Of Chattanooga And Its Leadership1959 Words   |  8 PagesCase Study: Chattanooga Introduction Teamwork is very critical and influential in determining the achievement of objectives in many organizations. Therefore, the notion and technicality of teamwork is given more emphasis in the process of management. Instead of relying on the old models and frameworks of management, the contemporary model of management focuses more on proper leadership and effective teamwork model. Managers and other strategic executives are required to focus on the idea of teamworkRead MoreThe Chattanooga Ice Cream Division1050 Words   |  5 PagesCASE 1: The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division 1. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION The main problem is, the Ice Cream Division sales were declining over the past four years. Sales revenue presented more than 180millions of Dollars in 1991, but in 1995 presented only 150 millions of Dollars. During this period, growth of consumption of ice cream had slowed and competition in Chattanooga ´s markets had increased substantially. Charles Moore try to find the best idea to solve a  problem with declining productionRead MoreChattanooga Ice Cream Case Analysis Essays2433 Words   |  10 PagesChattanooga Ice Cream Division Case Analysis Abstract The Ice Cream Division of Chattanooga Food Corporation had shown declining sales for 5 consecutive years through 1996. That was the year that they lost their third largest customer, Stay amp; Shop. A turn around had to take place but the Ice Cream Division leadership was unsure how to accomplish this. The division was run by Charlie Moore, grandson of the company founder. Charlie was a very democratic leader but had majorRead MoreEssay on Chattanooga Ice Cream Case Study 2047 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ Chattanooga Case Analysis Stacy Kelley Jack Welch Management Institute Dr. Denis P. Tocci JWMI 510 November 16, 2014 Abstract This analysis will apply my understanding of the Chattanooga Ice Cream (CIC) case and will describe how I would apply the concepts and principles learned so far in JWMI 510, Leadership in the 21st Century. A review of the team dysfunction and how the President and General Manager, Charlie Moore, contributed to that dysfunction will be shared. This case study willRead MoreTeamwork Efficiency. Teamwork Is Imperative In Organizations.1803 Words   |  8 Pagesthat help the organization be successful. Furthermore, it is essential for senior management to be able to communicate through tough issues within the company and come up with solutions in order to keep the business efficacious. In the case study, The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division, Charlie Moore is struggling with his management team. The company just lost a big customer, and the management team needs to work together to solve this problem; however, Moore’s leadership style is not advantageous toRead MoreConsumer Behavio ur Towards Lays Products5112 Words   |  21 PagesCONTENTS CHAPTER - 1 Introduction ââ€"† Objectives of study ââ€"† Research and Methodology ââ€"† Scope of study ââ€"† Limitations of study ââ€"† Chapter Scheme CHAPTER - 2 Industry and Company Profile ââ€"† CHAPTER - 1 INTRODUCTION CHAPTER - 1 INTRODUCTION Frito-Lay has had a long commitment to Supplier Diversity. Since the 1960s Frito-Lay pioneers such as Harvey Russell, Don Kendall and Jim O’Neal believed early on that diversity and inclusion provide a competitive advantageRead MoreMarketing Strategy of Coca Cola15661 Words   |  63 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY According to the Mckinsey report Coca-Cola Company is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, and it produces nearly 400 beverage brands. It sells beverage concentrates and syrups to bottling and canning operators, distributors, fountain retailers and fountain wholesalers. Coca-Cola was first introduced by John Syth Pemberton, a pharmacist, in the year 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia when he concocted caramel-colored

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